The learning experience

Why Not Now?

Why not now?  If not now when?  Procrastination will keep you stuck in a posture that has you paralyzed from moving toward your purpose.  I struggled for years with procrastination.  I always put things off for hours, even days at a time, for things that would have only taken a few hours or a day to complete.  I missed some great opportunities procrastinating.  I missed some deadlines for procrastinating.  I soon realized that in order for me to move forward, I was going to have to put a stop to this procrastination bondage that was stopping me from doing the things that I needed to get done. It didn’t cost me anything to meet a deadline other than work, it didn’t require any extra time, only the time I used to do nothing.  I have learned that putting things off was preventing me from moving forward toward my life goal.  Don’t tell yourself, I will do it tomorrow, or it can wait, or it’s not due yet or they don’t need a reply until next week; what will happen is you will forget what you planned to remember and remember when it to late to do something about it.  Procrastination will put you right back at the starting line when you should have finished the race a week ago. That’s My Soul Point of View.

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