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Game Changer

Have you always followed the rules?  Do you always go by the book?  Do you ever think what will happen if I follow my own heart?  I recently posted a quote I made which stated “make today the day you change the rules! Play at your own risk! You are the creator of your own happiness!”  I wrote that quote after having a coaching session with a client.  I was listening closing at what they were saying and every reason that contributed to their current situation was because they followed someone else rules and way and never allowed themselves to have a voice in their own happiness.  This happens all too often as we seek to please others but forget the most important person that should be pleased first and foremost self!  Getting to happy requires us to listen to our own heart, create our own rules and follow our own direction.  Learn to break the rules set by others and become the designer of your own instructions to happiness.  That’s My Soul Point of View.

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