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Don’t STOP at GO!

If only we would continue in the race and don’t let others hinder our pace we wouldn’t have to worry about stopping at go.  Think about it, you have these great ideas and plans, you’re excited to get started, you prepare everything you need to be successful but then you share your story, you share your bright idea, you share your dreams and your passion then low and behold just when you’re at your own green light and you’re set to take off this happens… why are you going in that direction? what made you want to do that, why not this way?  I wouldn’t do it like that, I would do it like this, I heard that’s not a successful business, you sure this is what you want?  what about..?  You see what is happening here?  Petty Patty & Paul have caused you to second guess what you knew to be the direction you wanted to go in.  You shared to soon, and listened to long to those who don’t have a green light in their own life, therefore they will use your green light to cause you to stop right before take off.  It’s okay to keep it to yourself until it has comes to pass.  Sometimes you have to hold on to your truths, to what you know to be your dreams then share them at the right time, once you have reached the finish line.

I had a conversation where the person wanted to speak on feeling stuck in pursuit of their dreams.  The problem was they had planned it all out, what they thought to be their road map, however after sharing it with colleagues, family and friends, they begin to second guess if what they had known to be their truths was actual not what they should be doing.  My response was….

“Never let your story be told by others who don’t know the table of contents in your life”

Be encouraged to follow your heart!  Be motivated to move at your own pace!  Be inspired to dream bigger than your biggest dream!  Be empowered to move past go!

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  1. Good morning, very good encouraging words. Often time, we need that boost to motivate each other but not take away what we desire. It is enough to go around and expand your horizons. Thank you so much for the words of wisdom.

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