About Me

Meet Joyce

I am so excited to share my passion for writing with you.  I hope My Soul Point of View encourages you, inspires you and motivates you to live life in love with yourself and follow your dreams. I am passionate about inspiring and helping others to live their purpose filled life.  I have dedicated my life to serving others and sharing my PerSOULnal Perspective in areas in which I feel I am well experienced.

I have a B.A. in Political Science and Sociology, a M.A. in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Higher Education and a Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Executive Career and Life Coaching.

I am the Founder of She ROCKS It which is an organization that host events designed to honor and empower women, the Founder of S.H.E. Inc Sisters Helping Each-other and I am a personal and professional life coach.  My events are centered around celebrating women and all the accomplishments they have had, as well has helping women live beyond their past and focus on rebuilding their future. My coaching is done using creative conversation that helps you navigate through difficult situations you may be experiencing.  My brands compliment each other and serve a purpose of serving others.

My Story

Writing is my vacation, it takes me to a place where I am so relaxed and at peace.  It allows me to express myself in my own way without judgement and without others opinions.  It’s a freedom that I have that doesn’t require approval, it’s my voice, my opinion, my choice and my opportunity to share My Soul Point of View.