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5 Steps for Effective Work Life Balance

Pause….I Take a minute and breathe!!! we are always so busy we don’t think about how to plan out our day, we just jump in and get started.  At the end of the day we have not accomplished 1/2 of what we planned to do.

Plan….I Write a to-do-list.  We live in the age of smartphones, computers and all kinds of technology, so I put it to use.  Download a app that allows you to write out what you have to do for the day, this way its visible and you are less likely to forget it. If you are the type that likes to write everything down, purchase a day planner.  Use the tools that works best for you and will keep you on track.

Prepare….I Start the day before preparing for the next day!  If I have to cook dinner, I know what I am going to cook the night before rather than waiting until I get home and finding out I don’t have all the ingredients needed for the meal.  I Make lunch at night, Iron, prepare work bags and book bags.  If you prepare for the next day you are less likely to forget what needs to be done the day of.

Prioritize…. I Write out my perSOULnal list of the things you have to do.  Then number them according to the level of importance.  Cross out the things that don’t have to be done that day and only work on the things that have the highest level of priority.

Pass Along…. As a parent I give out chores!  The worst thing for me is to think I can do everything myself!  I try to make sure no one person is doing it all.  I delegate some of the task that require minimum explanation, I make my day smooth by using others to help me through it.

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