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The Power of Sharing Your Story





Earlier in the year I was asked to host a workshop for a women’s conference at my childhood church.  When I was asked my first question was “what is the theme or topic you would like me to speak on?”  The conference coordinator said she would like me to speak on “your secret is not a secret” which she said tied to the conference title Removing the Mask.  I replied “okay” sure I can create a workshop designed around that title.  The truth was I had no clue what I would speak about.  I thought what is “your secret is not a secret”, how do you craft a workshop around secrets.  I immediately began to pray, I asked God to reveal to me how to craft a workshop that I have agreed to do but clearly have no clue where to start.  It was not even 20 minutes into that prayer that the light bulb went on and it dawned on me that I would have to share a secret with these women and somehow show why me telling this secret would be a blessing to them.  Again, I prayed and asked God what do I tell, clearly I am not going to share any of my personal business. I said I know some of these ladies but others I don’t and I really don’t want anyone to judge me on what I share.  Again the light bulb went off, and the answer was there again, share something you have not told anyone but tell something that God allowed to happen in your life so that you could live a purpose filled life.

When the time arrived for the workshop, there was a room full of women and one of them was my mother.  I was like oh wow, now hear I am about to share a story and my mother doesn’t even know this. Well I began to share my story and before I know I was sharing more than what I thought I would share, I even talked over the time I had for the workshop.  After the workshop was over, so many women came up to me and said thank you for sharing, that was the breakthrough I needed. Others said my story was their ah-ha moment to make some changes in their life.  It was at that moment that I realized, that workshop was purposely designed for me to facilitate it.  I had held on to this secret for about 10 years but I never had a platform to share it on.  I now share the story freely when I do speaking engagements because I have found that there is power in sharing my story and that each time I share it I become more in control of my past and it fuels my future.

We all go through different things in life for a reason and during a specific season.  This things we go through are not for us to keep them to ourselves but to find a opportunity to share them with others to motivate them and inspire them.  A lot of people just want to know they have someone they can relate to, someone who understands what they are dealing with or what they have dealt with.  The power of sharing your story is so that someone else can be empowered to share their story as well.  True, we don’t tell everything that goes on in our lives, but those things that you have overcome, are a must tell.  There are so many things we deal with that keeps us in bondage however if you get the courage and the right platform to share it take that opportunity and tell your secret.  Believe there is Power in Sharing your Story.

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  1. I love how you didn’t get into the details of the actual secret. I was waiting for it….but then as the title suggests the lesson behind the story is what’s most important. Its empowering to recognize and understand the power of healing. And when God brings us through a mess, situation, process, problem, or however we describe what we are struggling with (shame, fear, guilt, anger,etc.) when we figure out how to get past the rough parts at some point we need to share our story or chapter or verse, or whatever lesson we’ve learned so that we can be a light for someone else. So thank you for sharing your truth and being a light for so many others.

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