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The Journey

I am at a point in my life where I have to trade in my passenger vehicle for a 2 seater because I’ve  come to realize that everybody that’s riding with me will not be able to travel on this journey with me.  Isn’t that a powerful comment?  Do you ever question others motives?  They like what you have but deep down they hate that you are the one that has it.

I am excited about everything God is doing in my life.  I have unexplainable joy.  Wait, shouldn’t others be just as excited for me?  Clearly they want me to succeed, right?  I know they have my back and wouldn’t dare hold a conversation with my back turned, would they?  Theses questions and statements are some of the most common statements I hear when I coach others.  I can coach on this because I can relate to them.  My response is something I have learned, everybody riding with you can’t handle the road you are traveling therefore you have to make a few pit stops on the way and unload your vehicle.  Every mile you travel takes you one step closer to your success.  In order to arrive on time, let go of those that stop your clock!

It’s okay to downsize even in relationships. Fact, excessive weight wears you down.  Who wants to carry around dead weight?  Most passengers come along for the ride, they have nothing to offer, and could care less where you are headed, yet they tag along anyway.  This is not beneficial to you or your destiny.  Stop allowing others to determine your destination.  Let go of the dead weight by not allowing those that don’t contribute to your destination to just come along for the ride.  Some people’s motives are designed to make you detour.  Their soul purpose is to distract, disturb, disrupt and destroy your plans and dreams. Stay focused, downsize and arrive on time!

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  1. Well said. It also reminded me that sometimes the dead weight isn’t other people but things we hold on to in our thinking. Sometimes we also have to let go of old thought processes, habits, and/or beliefs that are weighing us down an holding us back. Whether our downsizing consists of other thoughts,things, or people the message remains the same, stay focused, downsize, and arrive on time! Yasss!!

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