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The other evening I turned to an episode of Basketball Wives, in this particular episode the ladies were attending and all women’s empowerment luncheon. If you are not familiar with the show the show revolves around a group of women who are friends and acquaintances.  The show basically highlights their friendship and most often the drama between them. It’s reality television, and as it has been said art often imitates life, so I wanted to open the floor up for discussion around a question that was asked on a recent episode of this show.

During the luncheon one of the cast members who was also the luncheon host asked a question: “Why DON’T we as women feel comfortable complimenting other women in positions that we would like to be in”?  It got me to thinking why don’t we complement each other on success? Why don’t we show our support to our friends when they accomplish something big?  Why are we so reluctant to congratulate our friends publicly on their accomplishments and or success?

I often say that you should surround yourself with those who are where you desire to be in life.  I believe you can learn from those who are successful.  This question really had me pondering. I’m not sure if comfortable was the word I would have used in this question.  What if comfortable was omitted and she asked: why don’t we as women compliment other women who are in positions that we would like to be in? Would your response be the same or does this question now have you thinking differently?

When I created My Soul Point of View, I wanted to create a platform that welcomed open discussions, and created conversations that would get people to talking and sharing the own PerSOULnal Perspective on subjects I introduced.  We all have different types of friendships and relationships with women, what are you thoughts on the questions I have just asked?

Feel free to comment, you can be anonymous, it’s all about respectful point of views and no judgement. Lets start the conversation.

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