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Let it GO and Watch What Happens

It’s time to start a new chapter!

How many times do you find yourself holding on to things that prevent you from moving forward in life?  Your thing can be people, events, jobs, or any situation that you just can’t seem to move past.  Holding on to these things hinders you from starting the next chapter in your life.  We all have had situations where people did something to us that we kept inside for a long time. Often times these people are clueless to what we say they have done to us. So what happens is we see them and they are smiling at us like everything is all good and in the back of our minds that memory resurfaces and brings up that past hurt.  Well those individuals are living their life while we get pulled right back to that place where it all begin.  You have to learn to let it go and get to a place of peace so the next time you see them you can smile right back and even speak which will then cause them to wonder what are they so happy about, and in your mind you can say I am happy because you are no longer that thing that I am holding on to.

Believe it or not events can cause us to hold on to things that we need to release, think about it have you ever wanted to be first in line at school but the teacher kept putting you at the end or in the middle, you never got to be the line leader so when you got older you made it a point to be the first in line wherever you went, funny but true.  The smallest or simplest things can cause us to hold on to feelings that we can’t let go.  What about that job?  You qualified for it so you applied for it, but you didn’t get it.  Let it go.  Take on an attitude of it was not my time.  It seems easy to say these catchy phrases, but learning to let go takes time.  You have to be personally ready to create the next chapter in your life.  You can’t start the next chapter until you end the last one.  If we can learn to let things go we will begin to restore peace in our lives.

Let it Go and Watch What Happens!  That’s My Soul Point of View

4 thoughts on “Let it GO and Watch What Happens

  1. Thank you for the inspiration to ask myself the question,what does my next chapter look and feel free like? I’m sure this will produce more soul searching but with defined purpose.

    1. You are welcome Lisa. As you begin to look at what your next chapter is and feels like begin to write that information down in a journal, I firmly believe writing things down allows us to really think about what we have written, they hold us accountable to ourselves and it does produce soul searching. Please keep me posted as you begin to do some soul searching.

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