The learning experience

Use It before your Lose It-A little life lesson

This is a new website for My Soul Point of View.  For the last 2 1/2 years I have had a site that I paid minimal attention to.  I would often go in an post, then go away from the post for months at a time.  Well recently I had a eye opening moment.  You ever heard the phrase use it before you loose it?  Well, I lost my old website because I was not giving it the attention that it needed to be the success I needed it to be.  I ignored what I thought was something else, all along it was an email telling me to renew my website.  After speaking with the company they stated that they could restore all the information for a huge fee.  Well I opted not to have it restored but choose to start over, with fresh new writings, fresh new website look and fresh new insight on how I would treat this website compared to the last one I had.

The morale of all of this for me was to pay attention to those things that mean the most to me, by ignoring them or taking them for granted you risk losing them and having to start all over again.

That’s My Soul Point of View

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