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Do you ever dream of being? Being a writer, being a movie star, being an entrepreneur, being a singer, being rich, being more fit, being in a new career?  If you said yes, are living your dream? If you said no what’s stopping you from chasing after the dream?

I have talked with so many people who have said what they want to do in life, what they dream of being and what they would do if they could do.  My response was always, what’s stopping you?  Just because the dream is taking a little longer than you want it to, doesn’t mean that you don’t continue to pursue it.  Everything is a process and takes time, but if you give up on what you dream of being, then you will find yourself saying I dreamed of being, and left wondering what could have been.

If you have a passion and a desire to BE, then choose to BE whatever you want.  You may have to keep the dream to yourself to avoid the dream snatchers killing the dream before it even comes true.  Just don’t give up on yourself, believe in yourself and continue to follow your passion and make your dreams a reality.

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