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Cooking Chronicles

My Cooking Chronicles.

Are you having a Dinner Dilemma? Are you struggling with putting together a full well balanced meal? Well here are 10 Soulful tips for you.

1. Think in advance, think about what your family likes, what you cook well, and what you haven’t had in a while, and write it down.

2. Look over your list and create a grocery list of the things you need to make the dinners you just wrote down.

3. Then create a weekly meal calendar, decide which days you will cook, which days are leftover and which days are take out.

4. Suggestion, start with a big meal on Sunday then you will have leftovers for Monday and you can start your week off by prepping and not preparing.

5. Tuesday make a one pot meal: Chilli, Spaghetti, Lasagna, Pot Roast, or Soup, then add a already prepared side: salad, garlic bread. Cooking one pot meals eliminate multiple pots and pans, easy preparation and easy clean up, more importantly you will have leftovers for the next day so no cooking on Wednesday.

6. Thursday do a grab and go, pick up a prepared rotisserie chicken, then cook the vegetables, and a starch. Walaaa a full meal with limited prep.

7. Friday make it family night cook meals that others can help out with, taco bar, pizza station where everyone creates and build their own meal, fun for all less work for you.

8. Saturday, kitchen closed. Do a big breakfast to get them on their way, enjoy the day off and begin to plan your meal for the next week.

9. Repeat 1-8

10. Enjoy having your own Soulfood Point of View

1 thought on “Cooking Chronicles

  1. awesomely simple distillation of the process! I’ve desired to have better meal planning and prep but always seem to be too overwhelmed by the process to find a system that works. But reading the way you’ve broken it down makes it sound so simple. I’ve most of the steps at one point or another just not in that particular order. Gonna take your steps and put them in one by one until I get it done. Thanks sis!!

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