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July starts the 2nd 1/2 of the year.  Yes, we are halfway into the year and we only have half of this year left before we enter a new year.  Have you accomplished your goals or dreams? Have you figured out what your purpose is in life?  Have you started working in your passion?  Have you invested time in developing your perSOULnal and professional skills? Have you thought about any of the things you promised yourself that midnight on December 31 of last year?  Did you sort out your closet?  Did you master work life balance?  Did you take time out to enjoy yourself just one of the days in the last 6 months?  What have you accomplished that you said you would accomplish by this time last year?  Just think about it for a minute.

Yes, I started this off with all these questions; why?  Because I wanted to get you to thinking about all the time that has gone pass and you have yet to start whatever it is that you said you would start.  Life is too short and time is too precious to let any time go to waste.  You need to grab all your tools, whatever your tools are: pen, paper, pencil, marker, tablet, computer, phone, notebook, scrapbook, flip chart, scissors, paper clips, staples, and by ANY TOOLS NECESSARY you need to get to work!  Really, what’s holding you back?  FEAR is not an option, Opinions don’t matter, so what’s your reasons?  You have to chose to follow your heart and your dreams and make it happen.

I get asked so many times, how are you working 9-5, writing, managing 8 social media sites, 2 websites, running several organizations, family, friends, sorority/social life and so on, my response is always,  I make sure the people who matter most in my life know they matter most, but the most important person that matters is me.  If I can’t do the things that bring me joy, peace and happiness, I am no good for anyone else. I am not able to be who they need me to be, because I am not who I need to be for myself.  It may seem like I do a lot, constantly on the go, however the majority of my time is with my family.  I utilize the time when I am not with them (work, at night when they are sleep, on my rides to and from work, and on my lunch hour) as time for myself.  My goal is to build organizations that will become world known, to create writings that will be read by the masses.  In order for me to do that I make sure that I am a part of the daily agenda in my life.  You have to start putting yourself first, then you will see how you can manage other things without them being overwhelming.

This biggest problem with trying to reach your goals and dreams is that you have so many other things blocking the way.  It’s okay to use the word NO, it’s part of the dictionary and has a meaning that when used, simply tells others, it’s really about me and not you.  Don’t sit back and want to do, just do it.

Take time to get the tools you need so you can focus on your goals and dreams.  If you need to network, go out!  If you need to strengthen your skills, take a class or workshop!  If you need to run your ideas by someone, get a coach!  Start connecting with those who are doing what you have a desire to do.  “Success Leave Clues” as my coach Jen Coffel told me, put yourself in a position to move forward with your plans in life.  You know what you want to do, so write it down, then write it again, then again, until you believe that it will happen.  Start thinking about how you can accomplish your goals.  Do you need to take a hour lunch vs. a 30 minute lunch?  If so, use 30 minutes to eat and 30 minutes to work on your plans.  You are not where you want to be in life because you are not doing what it take to get there.  We all have choices, and we all do the things we want to do, weather you admit it or not, if you want something you find a way to get it.  You have to have that same mindset when it comes to happiness, life goals and dreams.  If you don’t invest the time it takes and get the tools required to make it happen, how can you expect to make your dreams come true.

Use these next six months to do you!  Don’t enter the new year what the thought of what could have been! “Change Your Mindset, And Watch It Change Your Life”  Joyce Dawkins!  That’s My Soul Point of View.




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