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Be your own Inspiration

Everybody won’t understand why you network so hard, why you hustle so hard, that’s because everyone can’t see your vision!  Let that be your motivation and not your hesitation for striving to achieve your PerSOULnal goals.  You can miss out on the opportunity of a life time listening to negative people trying to detour you from your path to success. Be careful who you share your vision with.  Be your own inspiration, let the thought of your dreams inspire you to achieve your goals.  That’s My Soul Point of View.

4 thoughts on “Be your own Inspiration

  1. You are so right, we definitely need to watch who we share our vision with. But I’m glad I was able to share some on my story with you. Thanks you for being a friend.

    1. Thank you Lavonne, that’s what friends are for. I make it a habit to listen to my friends and be the supporting ear they need me to be, I guess that’s the coach in me!

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